The key role of apprenticeship is recognized by policy makers, national and European actors. Apprenticeship represents a real step to the world of work.
However, some countries in Europe and in the Alpine Space face challenges such as:

  • The implication of the employers
  • The inclusion of marginalized groups
  • The demographic change
  • The adaptation to new issues in the professional world

At the same time, companies are seeking a trained and skilled workforce to adapt to professional social change and technological innovation. Companies are always looking for new apprentices.

Chamber of Trades and Crafts Network invests in DuALPlus Project

DuALPlus aims to introduce new methods to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s job and improve the attractiveness of apprenticeship to train skilled and successful future employees and artisans in the alpine space. This program must directly benefit young people wishing to work in crafts, companies, teachers and masters of learning who wish to update their technical skills

To be implemented as part of DuALPlus, the following tools :

  • A career guidance toolbox for educators and teachers who organize the professional orientation of young people. The toolkit will be available online for download from the project website.
  • A handbook on innovative practices in dual education that can be transferred and duplicated.
  • A guide of political proposals for increasing the horizontal and vertical permeability of dual education in the Alpine Space
  • A catalogue of modules facilitating permeability in higher education


Duration  : April 2018 until  April 2021

Project budget: (all partners) 2.108.227 €, of which 1.791.993 € co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
through the Interreg Alpine Space programme

Partners: Regional Development Vorarlberg eGen (AT), New Design University (NDU) St. Pölten (AT), Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim (DE), Chamber of Trade & Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria (DE), Autonomous Province of Trento (IT), lvh-Education and Service cooperation (IT), Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Chamber of Crafts (FR), School of Art and Design, Valais (CH)

Further information : Project website